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Obsessed mum is off her trolley

They were so ugly they were cute – but when everyone else consigned trolls to toy fad history, one obsessive mother carried on collecting… and collecting.

Troll Collector

Almost 30 years later, Michelle Kerrins has more than 3,000 of the sub-nosed, spiky-haired plastic creatures – which have now taken over her home.

Trolley DollyWhen husband Dean starts to complain, the 38-year-old mother of one simply dons her troll bikini and flirts with him.

She has even worn a troll mask to bed but claims the disguise plays no part in any amorous activities. ‘Trolls make me really happy when they are all looking at me,’ she said.

Michelle, a gymnastics instructor, even has her own ‘troll sanctuary’ – a spare bedroom that’s a showcase for her huge collection – where she spends several hours a day.

‘I think they are so ugly they are cute. I like the odd things in life. I can never have enough troll dolls.’

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