Married men more attractive than single men

According to a new study, single women find married men much more attractive than their unattached counterparts. Here, Petulia Larkin, a 48-year-old lecturer from Bexley, Kent, reveals why she’d never fall for an unmarried man.

A few days before Christmas, I went on a date with my lover Peter, a 52-year-old businessman and a lovely, kind, generous man.

We enjoyed a romantic dinner and talked about our plans for Christmas over a ­bottle of wine. I was thrilled when Peter presented me with a gift…a beautiful pair of diamond earrings.

That night we curled up in bed together like any other happy couple. But the ­following morning, I woke up to an empty bed, as Peter had slipped away in the early hours to make the two hour drive back home to help his wife wrap their children’s presents and prepare their stockings.

Meanwhile, I settled down to watch a film, perfectly ­content to spend Christmas alone.

Of course, there will be many women who will ask how I can ­possibly feel happy playing second fiddle to a wife and children on such a special day of the year…or in fact on any day of the year.

But the way I see it, being a ­mistress brings me all the benefits of a ­relationship without any of the hassle or aggravation that comes with being a nagging wife…which, let’s face it, happens to the best of us.

I love being a mistress and, as long as the wives don’t find out, I intend to stay one for as long as I enjoy it. In fact, I think more women should try it.

So I for one wasn’t surprised to hear last week about new research on ‘mate-poaching’ which says when deciding if someone is attractive, we take our cue from others. The study discovered that ­single women find married men attractive because, in being ­married, they have been given the ‘stamp of approval’ by another woman.

I’ve always found married men more attractive than their single counterparts. They’re better lovers, more attentive, more mature, and they know exactly what they want from a relationship.

Peter has been happily married for 25 years so he’s obviously doing something right. He clearly dotes on his children and his eyes light up when he talks about them. He doesn’t talk that much about his wife to me but I see in him a kind hearted, loving man who ­provides for his family, and what’s not to like about that?

by Debbie Dot


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