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Job seekers being judged on body language

Job candidates make plenty of body language mistakes during interviews, including not smiling enough.

Shifty eyes, reluctant smiles, and fidgety limbs could hurt your chances of landing a job.

According to a survey, 67 percent of hiring managers say that failure to make eye contact is a total dealbreaker during interviews with a potential employee.

In fact, that body language error alone would make managers less likely to hire someone.

Another 38 percent say a lack of smile would make them pass up a possible new hire, while 33 percent wouldn’t be interested in an interviewee who fidgets too much.

Other common body language mistakes made by job candidates that put hiring managers off during interviews include…

• Bad posture.

• A weak handshake.

• Crossing their arms over their chest.

• Playing with their hair or touching their face.

• Using too many hand gestures.

To avoid these mistakes, career experts suggest people practice their interviews ahead of time in front of a mirror or record themselves.

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