Is York going to be the worlds tallest dog?

York the Great Dane who is 97cm and still growing

We recently featured Gracie, who is possibly the worlds smallest dog. Now, we’ve found you York, who could be the worlds tallest dog.

He looks like a horse (and eats about as much as one too) but this great dane could be set for the record books.

Just 13 months old, York is already 97cm tall and still growing.

His owner Dave Ryan predicts the high-rise hound will eventually beat the current world record of 105cm.

“I didn’t expect him to be this big when we first bought him but I definitely think that he will grow to be the world’s biggest dog,” Mr Ryan said.

“I thought calling him York after New York, as in big city, big dog … I thought it was the perfect name for him.”

But don’t let appearances fool you. Mr Ryan, of Melbourne, yesterday said York might seem “big and scary” but he’s more like a “friendly giant and is really calm”.

York’s height isn’t the only big issue at the Ryan household – there’s also the food bill. The beast eats 12 cups of dry food and 1kg of chicken necks per day, which adds up to more than $160 a week.

Yet despite the healthy appetite, he doesn’t share the same passion for exercise.

“He only needs to walk for 20-30 minutes per day. He’s actually very lazy and likes to sleep most of the day,” Mr Ryan said. “We used to have him inside a lot but now he spends most of the time outside or on his own couch, which is a three-seater and he takes up the whole space.”


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