Is it normal to be off your face on drugs to have good sex?

Making love is one of the greatest pleasures in life. For some people, a good shag with a casual partner or a heavy session with a long-term lover is satisfaction defined. They relish in the natural, feel-good dose of sex-related chemicals coursing through their veins, culminating in a mind-blowing feat of orgasmic accomplishment.

For others, the love-drug itself aint substance enough. These are people who like their hit of horny served with a heady dose of mind-altering materials.

I’m talking here about sex on drugs.

Do you love it or loathe it? Done it or don’t condone it?

Is having sex when you, your partner or both of you have consumed something that dulls, heightens or warps reality to be taken seriously? Do you have better or worse sex because of it or does the element of uncontrolled awareness negate the very essence of sharing a moment?

We’re living in a world where pills, powders and prescriptions are so commonplace that many of us will experiment at some point, and when you group alcohol (arguably the most pervasive drug in our society) under that banner, it becomes more evident how much shagging is done under altered states.

Look at the meet-market for example. The most common place to pick up (in Brisbane anyway) is at a pub, club or lounge bar resplendent in mood-enhancing music, lighting and liquor. And if we are to believe that singles or new couples really are the folks among us having the most sex (adulterers and swingers aside), it stands to reason that the nature of their lovemaking, in the early stages at least, will most likely involve the kind of lubricant that requires ID or a flagrant disregard for the law.

Why? Because for nearly all but the insanely self assured, the ability to let loose and really get your groove on may not come easy naturally. Of course, the tragic element of this situation is that folks find themselves feeling they neeeeed stuff to work their magic…that in themselves, they lack the goods and therefore more is needed more often.

It’s even worse when spark-seekers in a long-term love affair look at drugs as a way to save a languishing relationship. Personally, I feel that IF the wheel is really broken, no amount of grease is going to get things going again, particularly if you’re sourcing your shite off the black market and the side effects remain largely unknown.

So where does that leave us? Are we for or against making love out of our minds…off our faces…beyond the realms of here and now? Does a shag on substances count? Is it an extension of what you feel or a distraction from who you are?

by Jeff Millins


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