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Is anybody there?

Where is the voice crying out in the wilderness?

The four horsemen of the Apocalypse are here already.  Wars and conflicts are creating havoc as greed and power are the order of the days. Famine and hunger due to corruption and  wars are leading to millions of dead in Africa, as countries that used to feed a continent now fight over land and politics.  All around the world the weak, and children are starving as poverty is ignored and only money and power are paramount.

America and Russia reach out across the world not with doves but bombs. The United Nations are insignificant and religion sounds a quiet call for help.

Terrorists use fear and threats to gain oil to feed their need to buy weapons. Arms suppliers provide guns and tanks and missiles. Money and greed and power generate the dreadful state of the world we live in today. Europe with its stockpiles of food and drink, would rather destroy food than save the hungry of Africa, until it is almost too late.

We can change? – we must change…or our today will have no tomorrows.

The four horsemen have not pulled out their swords…YET…

Heed the warnings – this century is a time of changes , make sure those changes are for good and not evil.

The millions of refugees running from their homes is a sign.

The next people to start running could be YOU.

by Jeff Millins

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