I sleep naked

Call it being sexually hopeful mixed with trying to be comfortable and add a dash of hating to wear clothes.

You’ve got a 35 year old with back-hair his wife won’t shave for him who occasionally gets sweaty-arse syndrome when he’s nervous sleeping like a neurotic bear.

I remember in college when my roommate used to go home for the weekend I double and triple checked the door to make sure it was locked, slid out of my boxers, climbed into bed, and dozed off into slumber land with a huge stupid grin on my face.

When the wife moved in with me I spent a few months being hesitant about revealing my love for sleeping naked.

Then we had kids.

When they were babies all was good. They had no idea at 2:16 am as they screamed and cried while I changed their ‘baby-knickers’ and the wife dropped a boob in their mouth.

As toddlers they’d come in the bedroom but were too small to actually make the long distance journey to the peak of the bed which gave me ample time to do a pillow tuck and cover.

Then…they got older.

This past weekend I woke up and followed-through with my religious morning routine which encompasses time alone kidless and wifeless as they lay slumber above my head. A couple hours later as the wife came to life she said, “You really need to start wearing underwear when you sleep.”

I positively disagreed, “over my dead body woman!”

“Well, your daughter came into our bedroom last night and you were lying naked on top of the sheets, on your back, with your entire package presented for the world and your daughter to see. And she saw.”

And that’s when it hit home. Sure there’s the occasional turn the corner while daddy’s getting out of the shower and see a split second of his pecker before the towel blocks the horror. There’s the walking in while daddy’s just finishing pulling up the undies and seeing a milli-second shot of his arse before underware can do their job.

But nothing. NOTHING…is like the scaring of a young girl sleepily walking into her parents’ bedroom at 2 in the morning and finding her father counting sheep with his “sheers” laying flaccid for the world to see.

Well…I guess the only other worse scenario is if she caught her Daddy actually using those “sheers” on Mummy.

So chalk up another long-loved comfort gone out the window. I now sleep clad in cotton and am none to happy about it.

by John Jackson


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