EuroMillions winner gives £1million to friend

A struggling factory worker is to get £1million — thanks to best mate Dave Dawes’ stonking EuroMillions win.

Andy Smith is top of the list of 20 people Dave and partner Angela have vowed to make millionaires with last week’s £101million windfall.

Dad-of-three Andy, 44, earns £23,000 a year at a food plant where Dave, 47, used to supervise.

He has been twice taken to court after being unable to pay his water bill, and has no car.

A neighbour said: “Andy has had a smile on his face like a Cheshire cat all week.

“He’s a typical working-class man struggling to make ends meet and provide for his family.

“He’s even had a visit from a Camelot official to advise him on how to deal with his windfall.”

Andy, wife Wendy, 46, and daughters Vanessa, Michaela and Stephanie are already looking to move out of their £60,000 three-bedroom semi.

Co-op worker Michaela said: “I know everyone is talking about us.”


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