What’s wrong with GREEN cauliflower?

Children reluctant to eat their veg has been a never ending struggle for parents.

That could be about to change, however, as brighter colours are worked into cauliflowers that hit the shelves maybe later this year.

The supermarket chain has launched ‘rainbow’ packs that will have sprigs of purple, orange and emerald green cauliflower to appeal to awkward youngsters who see the veg as boring.

These cauliflowers are almost works of art and have a real wow factor that should really create a stir with shoppers and hopefully children at dinnertime.

When food was rationed during and after the Second World War cauliflower became part of the nation’s staple meat and two veg diet at school and at home.

Although, not all kids are stupid. If you don’t like cauliflower…you don’t like cauliflower, and nothing will change it. My boyfriend hates cauliflower…but loves Formula One racing. Now, if I cunningly disguised a cauliflower in the shape of an F1 car, he still wouldn’t like the taste of it…would he?

The garish varieties of the boring vegetable are intended to combat a dip in demand, after sales of the veg fell 35% over ten years.

The move is hoped to help improve cauliflower’s popularity after it was overtaken by broccoli.

Statistics from retail analysts show in the last two years volume sales of cauliflower have fallen by 6.5% across all retailers while demand for broccoli has grown by 2.5%.

The coloured cauliflowers are all naturally produced but have been crossed with other types of the brassica family, which includes green cabbage and broccoli.

by David Livingstone


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