How much money is the Earth actually worth?

It might seem astronomical, but buying the Earth would cost around five thousand trillion dollars, scientists have calculated.

Even the richest man on the planet, $50 billion Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim Helu, would have to round up over 100,000 similarly wealthy pals to afford it.

The world by far the most expensive planet in out Solar System, according to the cosmic calculation. Mars is worth $20,000 but venus would cost about one cent. The rest are too hot, cold or inhospitable to register.

Out of the remaining 1,235 known planets in the Universe, the most valuable is KOI 326.01 which is worth$280,000. Astrophysicist Greg Laughlin came up with a very complicated equation to value discoveries made by NASSA’s Kepler spacecraft as it hurtles through the Milky Way. You’d have to be a rocket scientist to understand it. The sum of a planet is made up of its size, temperature, mass and other vital statistics.

Professor Laughlin of the University of California said, “The formula makes you realise just how precious Earth is and I hope it will help us safe guard it.”

I might wait until Earth goes on e-bay…might get a good deal.

by David Livingstone


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