92 year old woman barred from buying alcohol

A booze shop refused to sell alcohol to a woman of 92 because she could not prove she was over 18.

Great-grandmother Diane Taylor wanted to buy a bottle of whisky for her son but was asked for photo ID.

She said: “It seemed so stupid I thought the cashier was complimenting me.

“But then I realised that she was being serious so I pulled out my bus pass, my blood donor’s card but it was no good.

“She said she wanted proof of age. I was so taken aback I didn’t know what to do.” She added: “No one can convince me I look under 25 – I’d only take 78 at a push.”

A Shop spokesman apologised but said staff cannot sell alcohol without seeing proof of age.

Ms Taylor, of Harlow, Essex, UK, eventually bought her booze from another shop.

She added: “I am 101% with them for checking young people but carrying it to that length is just ridiculous.”


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