Why so many disasters…did we anger the Gods?

It seems today we have more and more terrible disasters occurring every day.

Yes, TV live coverage shows us more of life and death today than ever before and history in the past was recalled usually by story-telling or eye witness accounts.

Either could be open to questions of accuracy. But given modern technology, don’t you think there are more tragedies today?

Countries all around the world are reporting, viruses, earthquakes, hurricanes and weather problems. And let’s not forget there are rebellions in more and more countries with resulting bodies spread over the ground. And literally, when there’s no world virus, there’s fighting over parts of the world instead with pirates, ransom demands, famines and droughts… added to flooding and storm damage.

Some religions predict end of the world warnings…other, that the hand of God is punishing the world for transgressions.

I am not sure there is any scientific evidence to support these theories. But if there is a divine providence, then he…or she, is a possible reason for so much increased mayhem.

Is it not worth considering a slow down in the decisions we make, that is pissing off this punisher?

If you were God,  what would he/she do next?

History tells us, doom and destruction follows when we anger the Gods (Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, Jews and Muslims).

True or just supposition…it never is a good idea to test fate!

To all history lovers…a cautionary tale.

by Professor P.T. Brown


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