Whose fault is it?

After years of study and living history of the past hundred years, I have finally worked out why we are in such a bad way.

The Second World War was a time of bombing and destruction and terrible loss of human life.

Did we learn anything from two world wars?

Well, we learned to keep on the same way over and over again. Korea followed by Kenya, Malaya, Cyprus, Vienna, Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Is it any wonder we now are faced with suicide bombers and deadly killers in Norway, the USA and Bulgaria?

Are we teaching our young people of today to learn from the past?

Violence, I have discovered, is not racial, or political or religious. There have been mass murderers from olden times, long before Hitler and the indoctrinated children growing up today.

Violence is in all of us. Brutality and cruelness is deep in our subconscious. We could be the lucky ones and be able to control our emotions.

The boy soldiers in Africa and the controlled suicide bombers who feel there is no other way to vent their disapproval of society. They are attempting to have their voices heard.

Yes, greed, money and power are the tools…but it is within us to say NO.

If we continue in the same way, then we are sheep and can expect more violence , and more wars.

Education and conversation are our tools. And it is time all of us…especially the UN, who threaten, warn and take sanctions.

Instead of sending troops, send teachers.

Instead of sanctions send medicines.

If half the money spent on arms was spent on the future of those who cannot be heard, then we may be able to stop the mindless killing around the world.

I hope the Olympics will prove the good sportsmanship of all countries and not another bloodbath.

Give peace a chance.

by Professor P.T. Brown


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