Sodom and Gomorrah

I’m getting older , but I still remember times past…a time of monsters.

Dictators like Joseph Stalin, Saddam Hussein, Colonel Gadalfi, Idi Amin and Adolf Hitler – suicide, stroke, hanged, hanged, and died in bed…only one was tried and convicted of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

It reminded me of how lax we are to bring dictators to justice and be punished.

Today, Bashar al-Assad and Vladimir Putin are leaders who, unless they change, could be linked with monsters of the past. They could be charged with the deaths of so many children and parents…killed by bombs in their own homes.

Often dictators are driven by greed for wealth and power. In the Arab world, wealth from oil and the greed for power has driven them to accept the dreadful state of death and destruction in the Middle East.


A possible prediction – should ISIS survive as a terrorist group:

  • Syria and Iraq could disappear. Their history and knowledge would be lost to the world.
  • ISIS will engorge these countries and move up to the border of Israel.
  • Turkey and Iran, perhaps Saudi Arabia will become the masters of the middle east.

Today they have the powerful armies to defeat ISIS and combined together could bring peace to the whole area. But you forget GREED, wealth and power is the goal for each of these countries. The deaths of men, the rape of women, and the selling of children is not their concern.

I have no doubt that ISIS will be defeated at some point – if allowing ISIS survive…where next…a war between ISIS and Israel?

Putin and al-Assad could in the future be blamed and even possibly put on trial for the terrible crimes committed – but the blame should be directed against all who sat back and allowed this time in history to explode in terror.


Professor P.T. Brown


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