Religion or man…one of them sucks

I viewed  on TV an interview with the religious leader of HAMAS in Gaza.

It is no surprise that when asked why Muslims killed old people and women and children with suicide bombers, which is forbidden by the Koran, his reply was that God allowed Muslims to retaliate against their enemies in the same way.

If they hit you, then you can hit them. If they kill women and children then so can you .

I was not surprised by his answer. The IRA were supported by Catholic priests, and  vicars supported Protestants who gunned down Catholics.

In Israel Jews kill Arabs, and in Iraq Shiites kill Sunnis.

All of them have holy books which are clearly against killing. How then is it that religious leaders and teachers of all faiths can give any credence to the dreadful deaths of men women and children.

The answer is very easy to understand.

God is love.

Do you really believe he will welcome with open arms suicide bombers and killers filled with hate for their fellow man. God is love and it is man who is violent hates and kills, robs, rapes and murders. Man seeks wealth and power and the politics of ruling countries. God is love.

History and politics and power are causes of mans inhumanity.

The Jews created the modern state of Israel and had the support of the United States, but who supported the Palestinians? They are entitled to a land of their own. If the United Nations and the Americans could enforce the Israelis to give back and share with the Arabs, there would be less violence. Similarly dialogue and communication not violence ended years of sadness in Northern Ireland. To all the religious men I say, ‘Do you think you are trying to make yourself and the day perfect in every way?’

by Prof. P.T. Brown


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