If only Adolf Hitler had gone to art-college…

Adolf Hitler, the greatest/worst dictator the world ever produced.

Hitler, who killed more than 100 thousand Jews and thousands of Africans.

Hitler persecuted Jews…but history is full of surprises, “Hitler was a Jew”.

The recent research proves Adolf Hitler was a Jew and an African, His group of gene (type haplogroup E1b1b) was rare in Germany and Europe. This research conducted with 39 of Hitler’s relatives and all of them proved that Hitler’s ancestors were  Jews and Africans.

So…the man with one bollock…was actually a Jew. Adolf Hitler believed in Aryan strategy and German Nationalism and hated Communism.

But he wasn’t a complete looney…well, he was, but before he attempted to take over the world he did try to make Germany…and, dare I say it, the world…a better place.

You know, I sometimes think…if he’d had just been given a place at art-college, which was what he wanted to do…thenWW2 may never have even happened.

There was no prostitution in Germany when  Hitler ruled Germany.

The Pension system for retired people was introduced to the world by Hitler .

Hitler’s governance and administration was exceptionally good. And there was no corruption in Hitler’s Germany.

Hitler believed invegetarianism and was an animal lover. Apparently he hated the killing of animals…even in movies.

He did have a soft side.

For a genocidal monster, Adolf Hitler was kind of a pansy.

He didn’t drink. He largely avoided eating meat, beginning in the early 1930s. (“The world of the future will be vegetarian.”) He slept with his dog, Blondi, a German Shepherd given to him by Martin Bormann. He disapproved of cosmetics, since they contained animal byproducts, and he frequently teased Eva Braun about her makeup.

Hitler didn’t smoke, either, and he promoted aggressive anti-smoking campaigns throughout Germany. Witnesses reported that, upon learning of his suicide, many of his officers, aides and secretaries responded by lighting cigarettes.

So the message is as clear as crystal. Beware of animal loving vegetarians who don’t smoke, and don’t have sex with prostitutes.

by Professor P.T. Brown


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