World predictions for 2013

Next year has the magical number thirteen to generate good and bad over the coming twelve months.

Europe is going through a tough time…it will get even tougher next year.

Watch out for the UK to cause a few heart stopping moments for the Germans and French.

In America the President will find his second term even more dangerous than his first term. Finance will be his Achilles heel.

China will become more powerful next year and  be careful of their journeys into space.

Korea will rival Japan as the leader in  exports and finance.

Australia will astound the world with new experiments in medicine and solar energy.

Another sad time for the Royal family.

Entertainment – a year of lovely moments in film, some joyous television programmes, and NOT reality programmes.

A loss to us of another great in the music business, and more than one fine actor.

It seems the Gods are against us with more disputes in Africa and the Middle-East, and tragedies of nature as it seems we do our best to damage our way of life .

In Australia, we will have a charmed life in this little part of heaven…but pollies will try their best to pull us back and make decisions which will effect us long  into the future.

Closer friendships with our Asian neighbours will give benefits in the years ahead.

Finally, and without a doubt, Australia will win the Ashes.

Stay safe in 2013, and remember…the Mayans were wrong.

by Danny Mason


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