Will the election affect Australia financially?

It is now time to think in depth about the US presidential election and the long time effects.

Firstly to us in Australia the initial impact is nominal.

Change always sees a rise or a slump in shares and currencies. The market hates uncertainty. This does not mean we are in for a recession, it just means the market needs time to readjust to change.

Clinton as a leader will continue to carry on in the same way as Obama. Which means doing nothing of any importance to us here in Australia.

As long as the president is a Democrat and the Senate and Congress is Republican, then the situation stays the same with a deadlock in actual progress in world affairs.

If Trump were elected, the same applies. He would be President but the Senate and Congress would delay or foil any attempt he would put forward to influence world affairs.

On the bright side, it means the US will not be able to involve the rest of the world in a brutal conflict. They would be spending their time on home problems.The down side to this election is the lack of a world leader in the United States. A vacuum always creates space for another leader to set the pace.


You can see this happening now today. Putin has taken control in the Middle East. He is seen as leading the fight against terrorism. His influence has grown much stronger in the Arab countries.

As the US has been seen to lose the power and influence it once held. Calling for cease fire, time after time and then being seen as ineffective, whilst Putin is winning the confidence vote…especially in Iran.

I am just presenting the case of ifs and buts with predictions of how it could effect us here in Australia.

Basically, we will carry on as before. To us it is not America versus Russia. Our future is bound up in Asia. It is China and Japan who will influence our markets.

As the US becomes insular, and Russia tries and will obviously fail to solve the Middle East problem. It will be up to us to provide stability. Remember here in Australia we have the mineral resources the world needs. We just need to spend more on future scientific exploration and add resources especially our younger graduates and improve education to set the world alight.

Who ever wins in America, we know we can win here at home.

by Danny Mason



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