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Why the carbon tax?

In years long ago kings, emperors and rulers raised taxes mainly to fight and finance wars.

In today’s modern societies, taxes are a fiscal way of adding extra money to the government purse. Many ways are explored to deliberately raise extra money.

In the past we had windows tax and brick tax, corn tax even tea tax. Pollies spend enormous amounts of time trying to find ways of saving money. They say we need the money to generate future prosperity. But in fact they are looking at extra ways to increase taxes. Purchase tax, poll tax, house buying tax, value added tax, car tax , GST, cigarette and alcohol taxes. With so many different taxes, why do we need another tax?

Will Australia alone cut carbon emissions?

Can Australia save the planet?

Should we ban cars and planes?

Change from fossil fuels to seaweed and solar energy. Imagine if you can a government with real ideas. Who could actually manage our future requirements?

Do they know how much tax will be generated, now and in the future? What will they do with all this extra money?

Hand-outs and vote catchers, helping low paid and pensioners. Why not be decisive and stop all income tax?

Build another 200 hospitals, 100 universities, increase the Police force by 5000. Don’t you think it could be done?

It only needs the will. But no, unfortunately we don’t know how much cash is income, how much is expenditure Or even if carbon tax will be the right way to expand our future. Just how much thought has gone into the green idea?

What will be the penalty to industry if we get it wrong?

A large part of Australia’s  strength is its mineral wealth. Do we listen to pollies who tell us the minerals belong to everyone or rely on the industrialists who built up the companies?

Who would you trust to manage industry?

So many questions…and no answers. I’ll tell you what I think. Investigate carbon tax and all our green issues and only when you have a defined and measurable policy, then give it a trial. Before running learn to walk. There’s no rush…or is there?

Mind you, I could be wrong. I have confidence in our Prime Minister, she is tough and strong minded.

What do you think…are we right or are we acting too swiftly?

Leave your replies in the comments box…there’s always more than one solution to a problem.

by D.W. Mason, mg

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