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What is the cost of boat people?

The financial problems in the world today could be summed up by armament  costs. 

Fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan cost the Russians enormous amounts of cash.

Look at what has happened to the states that made up Russia. Ukraine and Belarus, they are struggling and selling highly dangerous arms to potential war seeking third world countries.

In the USA their defense costs would cover the whole of the European debt crisis.  Australia has the best financial record at the present time in relation to many of the world economies.

It is time to address our own problem of too many boat people arriving in Australia.

To manage any problem you have to measure the problem and then work out the costs to correct the situation. Accept that the people trying to escape poverty and persecution are desperate and in need of our help.

But our problem is two fold ; first most if not all of the boats are coming from Indonesia . Secondly where can the people go to feel safe. Finally what is the cost to us to solve the problem.

We must approach Indonesia with promises of cash help and export deals to enable them to tackle the problem. More naval craft to track and stop smugglers. More strict legal indictments to imprison  those who make money from the traffic of desperate people. Get the Indonesian people and government on our side.

Measurement of exactly how many boats leave their shores and how many passengers they carry. If we know the amount we will know the size and costs of the energy needed to stop the exodus.

And why do so many people from so many different countries and religions and continents want to make Australia their home? There must be many safer places for them to stop on their journeys across the world.

We need to advertise and publicize the advantages of living in other lands than ours.  Also a cash payment to encourage them to settle elsewhere. And the dangers if they try to enter via Indonesia .

Again we must measure the  amount of travelling asylum seekers and estimate the costs .

With our present strong position in the financial market, it is the time to finally put cash into the solving of this problem.

Indonesia needs to join us in a combined effort and show us their friendship.

The millions of dollars we spend at present to try and stop the boats and the millions spent once the asylum seekers arrive should be calculated. This would provide a set amount as a starting point to implementing a new system.

Co-operation with our neighbours and a firm commitment to succeed is our future requirement from the pollies.

by Danny Mason

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