US presidency race is like a Shame Of Thrones

Here in our beautiful country, are we at all worried about the presidential election in the USA?

I think in terms of finance it would be more beneficial if Hillary Clinton wins.

The stock broker belt in America and the business leaders are behind Hillary which gives her a commanding lead in the race for the White House.

But here in Australia we are by tradition supporters of the under-dog.

The dirty tricks brigade associated with both candidates, is not what we as a democratic country approve of as fair play.

Traditionally Republicans represent the money people, and Democrats the working classes. But in this race the Democrats are spending millions of dollars, much more than the Republicans.

Newspapers and the TV media are almost totally behind Hillary and against Donald Trump. Policies do not matter but personal attacks are the strategies of both candidates.

So are we worried about the race?

Do we care who wins?

The answer is, of course not – we cannot vote or change the result.

But Donald Trump could win and defeat the massive political and media campaign being engineered against him personally.

Would I put money on it? – my answer is, never bet against a sure thing…but in America anything can happen.

It’s not really a Game of Thrones…more like a Shame of Thrones.


If you compare the presidency race to a Shame of Thrones, my prediction is:

The Whitewalkers look mental but are susceptible to , and the Dragon Queen likes a good burn up, Joffrey is already dead, the Blonde Ice Queen is a survivor…my money is on Cersei Lannister.

by Danny Mason


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