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In a crisis – we should learn from the past

During the Second World war millions of men and women went off to war.

Now they had to be paid by the government, and this caused a deficit of money to many of the countries taking part in the carnage.

There had to be a way of replacing the finance or to face years of debt.

The answer was to introduce War Bonds.

Now these bonds raised enormous amounts of money and helped enormously to stabilise the country.

I know what you might be thinking? How can we buy bonds when we have so many people out of work?

You have to understand – it is not the poor who are receiving benefits or the unemployed who buy bonds, they of course haven’t the funds to help. It is the patriotic, loyal believers in our country who come our aid in times of crisis…and of course, this helps if you have money.

Even in this time of death and sadness as it was in 1939-1945, we overcame the problems. There are those who were still receiving payments from this period, and there are still those who are making profits during the current crisis.

It is time to give and encourage the government to look back at what worked in the past…to secure our future.

by Danny Mason

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