Governments rely too much on donations

Like me, I expect you get mail most days asking for your help in selling raffle tickets or donating money to worthy causes.

Add to this the TV adverts showing the under-privileged in Africa or Asia requesting our monetary assistance, from fresh water, starvation and of course disease.

Often I find myself saying, why the millionaires and governments don’t give money to solve all these problems.

Usually I find myself sending off a small donation to the charities like heart, cancer, leukaemia and the RSPCA. But what can I and all the other Australians really do to stop disease, famine and hunger in the third world?

Well, I will tell you what we can all do.

Write to our pollies and demand they spend money more effectively. It’s either that, or we will vote for another politician who will listen.

You may ask what brought this train of thoughts to my attention. It was the news from the USA. They proudly announced they had landed a robot on Mars (and it only cost billions of dollars). If they have billions of dollars to spend, then why am I getting phone calls pleading for my help?

Please refer in future all requests for money to the USA.

People are not starving on Mars…nor have they terminal illnesses…and at present, they are not starting wars…but give them time…especially if they find oil.

Just explain to me, “Is it really worth all that money, or does no one care about the sick and starving on this planet?”

I’ve switched the phone off.

Don’t ask me for any more money…I’ve had enough nonsense for today .

A mars a day helps you work rest and……?

by Danny Mason


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