Government would suffer if smoking is banned

There will be an election in September, so now is the time for our pollies to propose a drastic measure for all Australian people. 

At the present time, less than twenty per-cent of the population smoke, but there is growth in the number of younger peopleSmoking should be banned who are taking up smoking for the first time. You have seen the advertising aimed directly at smokers to encourage them to stop smoking now. The taxable income from smoking is declining and we would expect to continue the downward spiral over the coming years.

Smoking in business and social areas is banned. Smokers are a pariah and are finding it more restricted to find places to light up except in their own homes. Before the next election is the time to propose laws that that stop the production and sales of cigarettes anywhere in Australia. This is the only safeguard for the youth of tomorrow to finally ban all smoking.

For the elderly and depressed, and persons with some clinical problems, you can have smokes on prescription. Savings to the health programme will balance loss of tax earnings from cigarette revenue.

Most smokers want to stop but have trouble making the final decision. Let the pollies make the decision and pass laws to stop smoking now.

Restricting smokers from smoking in public and TV advertising have helped lower the numbers, and it’s now time to take the next step. Increasing the price of a packet might bring in revenue but it polarisers the smokers into the rich and the poor.

Banning production is fairer to us all…make smoking an election promise.

by Danny Mason


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