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We founded Ozzie News back in 2010 with a focus on providing quality news, advice and entertainment for people all around Australia. Since then we’ve grown our monthly page views to over 150 000 from Australian men and women which have a keen interest in travel, fashion, finance, gadgets, gear, and services just like yours.

Whether you’re looking to bring in more targeted traffic to your website, or simply want to promote a product or service, advertising with us is an inexpensive way to get your name in front of a whole lot of interested men and women. Yes, we even work with clients looking to promote their Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns.

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  • Monthly Page Views: 145,708


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We offer a wide range of banner advertising spots, which you can advertise on directly using the form below. We can also make arrangements for custom advertising spots, ie: mobile advertising, Facebook advertising etc.

We also accept sponsored posts, which are an excellent way to tell our readers about your product or service in depth. For example, many of our clients promote Kickstarter projects. Just use the form below to send us a brief description of what you’re looking for, and we’ll get back to you promptly with more information.