You MUST get into Westworld – it’s quality

My normal brief for Ozzie News is the movies and film awards. But I have been really impressed with the TV series Westworld.

You can tell if a series is going to be a success by the quality of the scripts and the employment of great actors.

Since Game of Thrones there really has not been a series to get excited about, to be enthralled over, and I cannot wait for the next episode or series.

This has changed with Westworld.

Anthony Hopkins is a stand out actor of great presence, and Ed Harris is a class act.

In fact, all the actors have been selected with great skill – the casting team should be congratulated for their choices of all the team involved.

I would like to make a personal preference Рthe quality of everyone in the series is wonderful .But Thandie Newton is a revelation. She is outstanding, she looks fabulous, has great eyes and plays the part to perfection.


How she plays the nude scenes and maintains her quite superb control is acting of a high standard.

This series deserves to win all the awards and the actors deserve recognition for their performances.

This is one series I intend to watch to the very last scene.

A big well done to HBO and Showcase for showing this programme.

by Helena Bryanlith


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