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You must be getting Satisfaction, Ronnie

It must be easy for Ronnie Wood to slow down on his drinking when he’s got a bird like Ana Aroujo. She’s quite enough to intoxicate you.

Arty Ron, 64, uses her as his model when he’s painting pictures. And these new photos prove that she brushes up extremely well.

The Brazilian beauty, 31, who has been dating the recovering alcoholic for over a year, posed in jewellery by Rachel Galley plus new lipstick from make-up artist Karen Alder for The Prince’s Trust charity.

Although her lips are…more than lovely…she’s not a touch Mick Jagger and his lips.

I know he’s an oldy but you have to say the man has great lips. And I would loved to have had Jagger’s lips all over me when he was a bit younger, but if I had to choose between Jagger and Ana Aroujo…I’d have to pick Ana’s. I’m not a lesbian but, I don’t do old blokes.

by Debbie Dot

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