Year of the sequels

It’s that time again when the block busters are on our screens once more.

Undoubtably the biggest money earner will be the last in the series of Harry Potter. The Deathly Hallows part one made over a billion dollars at the box office. Part two is expected to surpass that amount.

 There is a lack of screenwriter brilliance in the new releases with a few exceptions.

Most of the releases have a two in the title. Hangover 2 has a few laughs, and lives up to its premise of continuing the same trend as Hangover 1. Pirates of the Carribean part 75  is a pleasure because of its female lead, Penelope Cruz. A cruz missile who is a real bombshell. A great actress, but needs to improve on her english, not that anyone would notice .

In our senior schools there have been courses on sex education. The aim is to improve our teenagers understanding of how to be responsible adults, and hopefully better parents, husbands and wives. To improve our teenagers understanding of history, and their parents and grandparents participation in past wars, a new film should be shown in all schools. 

It would help a new generation to be able to understand the evil inside of some dreadfully crazy leaders. ( Is it still here today )  And the need our parents had, to do their duty and save the world .

The film is called The Round Up and I urge you all to to make this a must  see film in 2011. This is not for children but over sixteens will be very shocked.

Before next years Oscars I am sure there will be a great number of films with  parts two or three or more.  Perhaps True Grit no trois, Brokeback Mountain part Deux,  Rocky 76, The Terminator part sex, The Fokkers…well not again. Or Lawrence of Saudi Arabia and Bridge on the River Tyne.

The latest polls show Errol Flynn as best screen actor and Marge Simpson as best screen actress. Let us all hope the Oscar goes to the best on the screen. Many of the best never won…nowadays it seems the less films you are in the more you are likely to get an Oscar. For example, Jennifer Hudson can you name at least three other  Oscar winners who made less than three films before winning the prize.

Actors used to  have distinctive voices, and spoke clearly. Today modern actors are called the whispering majority. You could name at least ten top actors who would not be heard beyond row three of the stalls.

Too many reality shows is to blame for the drop in standards, where are the stars and entertainers who dominated our screens.

And don’t say on TV…I need to have a drink…and a lie down…

The next review should be in time for the film previews of 2011.

Trick question, what film won the Cannes festival top prize this year? And secondly, will anyone go and see it?

 See ya

by Helena Bryanlith


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