Will ‘Mansell Magic’ make his voice less boring?

Formula One legend Nigel Mansell is on track for a new career…as a magician.

Mansell, 57, is thought to have taken up tricks to help boost his brainpower after suffering head injuries in a 300kph crash last year.

The 1992 F1 World Champion has proved so talented that he is about to be accepted into the prestigious magicians society, The Magic Circle.

A friend said, “Nigel has shown the same apptitude for magic tricks as he did motor-racing. He thought¬†it would help his brain after he suffered concussion. He surprised everyone, including himself, by being good at it. Now he is on the verge of being accepted into The Magic Circle…and he is delighted.”

Mansell started doing card tricks in the Le Mans endurance race last June and has since performed at corporate events.

I just wonder if there’s a card trick that can make his monotone voice sound a bit more exiting…or even a trick to stop people falling asleep while he talks.

Now that really WOULD be magic!

by Lorelle Heath




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