Who’s that Nasty girl – Hillary Clinton?

Third US Presidential debate – Donald Trump calls Hillary Clinton a ‘nasty woman’…enter Janet Jackson.

Since Donald Trump publically named Hillary Clinton a ‘nasty woman’, (third Presidential debate – October 19th), Janet Jackson’s song ‘Nasty’ has had a popularity spike.

janet-jackson-is-anything-but-nastyBoth candidates are at each other like children…usually, nothing to do with politics and the economy – just throwing accusations and insults back-and-forth.

In the middle of their ‘debate’, Spotify announced that streams of Janet Jackson’s song, released in 1986, had risen by 250%.

It was then revealed on Twitter, ‘Who’s jamming to that nasty groove?’ – with the obligitory #Debates hashtag.

The race for the White House is always massive, and there are only a couple more weeks until we will know who the next President will be – I can’t believe the world is talking about a song that Janet Jackson released 20 years ago (us included) is more popular than party policies.

I would like to know how many Americans actually know about the policies for the person they are voting for.

It’s the same in Britain, most people just voted¬†for Brexit based on no knowledge at all – and unfortunately, it’s the same here in Australia.,,although, I think on the whole, we have a few more brain-cells that Americans.

Oh well, the next President could be either of them. None of which are trustworthy, none of which have an ounce of integrity.

When we talk about politics, these few paragraphs should be going into the News section.

But let’s face it…it’s gossip – there’s nothing newsworthy here.


Lorelle Heath



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