Who will win an Oscar in 2012?

Once again I am back to give you the real Oscar winners.

The last ten years has been one poor film after another. Can you even remember the winners in the past three years?

Maybe its the choices that are wrong. This year films like Red Dog, Tin Tin and the impressive final episode in the Harry Potter series didn’t even make the cut, for film or best actor.

Well, if we have to accept the academies choices let us at least judge them on entertainment value and financial success.

You cannot look past Hugo. It should win best film and best director. Mr. Scorsese has made an exceptional movie and his direction is beyond doubt as brilliant.

How do you measure best actor?

Is it measured by the film’s success, or the ability of the actor in even the worst film, the stand out as the best actor, in a decade of very different movies?

Gary Oldman has a range associated with the greats of the past.

How about the best actress?

Will Meryl Streep win an Oscar for playing a role where she shows her ability to speak with an accent? The film was poor and the acting was about the same.

Glen Close is possibly the best actress in Hollywood, but not in this film.

Rooney Mara did a great job, but was it better than the original.

I must recommend Michelle Williams for a truly memorable and sympathetic performance as Marilyn. She is my choice for the Oscar.

Supporting actor should go to Branagh who proves he can speak English.

The supporting actress is wide open with the winner going to any of the ladies. My guess is Berenice Bejo will win. I hope Brad Pitt gets an Oscar for his Moneyball; he deserves an Oscar for his devotion to films and dedication to his art.

Well did you remember The Hurt Locker and all the other massive money earners of the past three year Oscar winners?

I cannot say that any of the nominated movies will be a classic, but Harry Potter will be around for years…and Red Dog was a truly fine film.

There were many better films in the past year which were not selected, but we have seen some excellent performances from our actors and actresses.

See you next time.

by Helena Bryanlith


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