Was it the best Olympic party ever?

Nothing can surpass the Sydney Olympic celebrations.

The games were a standard for all other games to be compared to!

However, as good as the opening of the London games was, I have asked my celebrity readers to give me their guests to present the closing games party.

Only British stars can be invited and they must have been alive after the 1948 London games.

To open the party we have Rod Stewart and Tom Jones…joined by Cliff Richard and Engleburk Humperdick. The tempo must be raised to a crescendo by Status Quo followed by the amazing Rolling Stones. Queen with a stand in Mercury to start the sing along. A quiet mixture from the bands of the sixties, including members from The Who, The Hollies and Gerry Marsden. To complete the middle order, there’d be another sing along, with Chas and Dave…a epitamy of Britishness.

The final part of the evening starts with Duran Duran and The Specials. Special guests in this section are Rolf Harris and the lovely Kylie, who has done more for Britain than most British people.

But the finale starts with The Stones and leads on to the remaining  Beatles…All You Need Is Love and songs from the Magical Mystery Tour.

The final guest of the night would be a singer representing his famous brothers,  who could not be here tonight…the wonderful Barry Gibb.

Leading the British tribute with the National Anthem will be welsh songstress dame Shirley from Tiger Bay.

I am sure you can think of many, many more great British stars to add to the list of guests.

Add your list to the comments column of this article.

If a DVD could be made of this event and sold in stores across the world, the proceeds will boost under privileged children and perhaps find a few new stars of the future.

Enjoy the games.

by Helena Bryanlith


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