The winner to the ‘Classic One-Liner’ quiz

Well, this little competition took a while to get going…but after a while, we were getting a lot of entries, so the competition was left open a little longer.

First, we’ll give you the answers, and after, the winner and their result.

1. We’re gonna need a bigger boat. – JAWS

2. She places the lotion in the basket. – SILENCE OF THE LAMBS

3. That should keep ‘em in curries for a week. – OCTOPUSSY

4. Say hello to my little friend. – SCARFACE

5. All my life, I always wanted to be a gangster. – GOODFELLAS

6. Water burn baby, water burn baby, water burn baby ! – RAIN MAN

7. You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight. – BATMAN

8. I want my fucking cigarettes…now ! – ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOOS NEST

9. This is my exact inner structure done in a T-shirt. – THIS IS SPINAL TAP

10. I want to roll you up into a little ball and stick you in my vagina. – STEPBROTHERS

11. I’d almost forgotten what your eyes look like. They’re still the same…piss-holes in the snow. – GET CARTER

12. A wee lassie gets glassed, and not one of you cunts wants to know what cunt did it. – TRAINSPOTTING

13. You stop me again when I’m walking, and I’ll cut your fucking Jacobs off. – SNATCH

14. Stay away from her you bitch ! – ALIENS

15. Froggy loves Daddy…Daddy loves froggy. – BLAZING SADDLES

16. Fix bayonets ! – LOVE, HONOUR AND OBEY

17. Even a stopped clock tells the time twice a day. – WITHNAIL & I

18. You should see the toast…I couldn’t even get it through the front door. – UNCLE BUCK

19. The little girl…I want to buy the little girl…how much for the little girl ? – THE BLUES BROTHERS

20. I’m not gonna hurt you…I’m just gonna bash your fucking brains in. – THE SHINING

21. I’ll shoot for the Queen, and you can shoot for…whom ever. – UNFORGIVEN

22. There ain’t a star in heaven that we can’t reach. – HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL

23. Shut the roof (of the car), it’s fucking freezing. – SCHINDLERS LIST

24. You are such an ass-hole. – ROADHOUSE

25. I carried a water-melon. – DIRTY DANCING

26. That’s my name, don’t wear it out. – GREASE

27. Gimme some sugar, baby. – ARMY OF DARKNESS

28. Have some Pecan Pie…Pecan Pie…Pecan Pie… – WHEN HARRY MET SALLY


30. I’ve been told…do, do, do, do…Some people round here…do, do, do, do… – ROCKY III

Those were the 30 classic one-liners.

You found question 3 a little difficult, and question 24 was a tricky one, simply because there are a few films with ‘You’re such an asshole’, so we bared that in mind and if you didn’t have Roadhouse as your answer, we would have accepted Frank Bannister from the film The Frighteners…amongst others.

But the one quote that nobody got right was quote number 30.

There were lots of entries (lots more than we anticipated), and there was only one person who got 29 out of 30.

His name is Richard Clarkson (34), from Adelaide, SA.

Well done Richard. We will have a few more quizzes from now up until the Xmas break. Then we will pull a name out of a hat. The name pulled out of the hat will have a menagerie of gifts/prizes…we’re not joking…we’ll let you know shortly, as we are still finalizing the main prize.

Well done to all, and remember…you’ve got to be in it to win it !

by Helena Bryanlith


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