The Oscars are nearly upon us – a quick preview

I know I am a little early for the big show…but who cares.

This has been one of the best years for movies since Ben Hur, or even Robin Hood (with Errol Flynn).

The American film industry and the big studios, who put in mega bucks to make films, will expect to gain some reward for their outlay.

So, top films for selection will be Lincoln, Argot, Silver Linings, and a movie about an alcoholic pilot…boring and predictable.

Daniel Day Lewis as President Abraham Lincoln

War films about Iran, and stories about Bin Laden…do we want them?   Between Argot, Lincoln and Les Mis, I would expect Daniel Day Lewis to win best actor.

This year it is a shame not to have Nicole Kidman and Cate Blanchett taking honours, although I must say, the quality of actresses in movies this year is astonishing…the best since the days of Betty Davis and Lauren Bacall.

My choice is Helen Hunt, as she easily takes top spot. I was blown away with her film The Sessions and her acting. But I could just as well name at least twenty of the best actresses who appeared in films during the past twelve months.

The Oscar for the Best film is where the surprises could come. If the Academy looks outside the box, especially at independent films and not just the big budget films, then maybe we could see some great new changes in the future of film making.

I can’t see Marigold winning, but it is a joy of a film with great actors. Quartet is another, with fine actors and The Sessions is a film you must see.

Don’t forget to start the Hobbit series…maybe not this year but expect another chance in the future.

The Best director will go to an American. Spielberg is my first choice.

Well, it’s all guesswork with four weeks to go, but I really liked the films distributed during the past year, with skills and ability from the actresses…just shows how many fine Thespians are out there. They gave us performances to enrich our enjoyment and give us pleasure after the last few years of utter boredom at the cinema…if only Ricky Gervais was presenting.

I seem to be pushing the ladies, but most of the leading actors are pushing fifty or seventy…and only Tom Cruise looks years younger than he actually is!

Maybe it’s the women you date that keeps you looking and feeling young.

Richard Gere, George Clooney and Robert De Niro are showing their age. Even Leonardo Di Caprio, Jude Law and the lovely Johnny Depp are no spring chickens.

The new guys have a lot to learn before they become icons.

Usually, it is the women stars who lose roles as they get older. But this year, it’s their age, experience, glamour and style that’s giving them the very best roles. Deservedly they lead the way in Hollywood and London and Sydney.

Forget the blockbusters and pick the movies with great acting, great story-lines and real passion.

by Helena Bryanlith


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