The Only Way Is Enhancement…reality star Jessica Wright looks swell

The Only Way Is Essex sexpot Jessica Wright reveals the result of her boob job for the first time…but sadly nothing will lolli-pop out.

Singer Jessica, 25, has boosted her bust from a 32C to a 32DD. So she’s swell qualified to front a new campaign for lingerie designers Alexis Smith, which specialises in bras for women who’ve had their breasts surgically enhanced.

Her brother Mark…who also stars in the shit TV show…will be furious. No not because he wanted to get breast augmentation first…although, it wouldn’t surprise me…but he just didn’t want her to go through with it. Probably because it will take away what little limelight he has…aah, bless him.

But Jessica said, “I am delighted to front this stunning range of underwear specially crafted for girls like me.”

Well done girl…you remembered your lines.

by Harry Harper


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