The on-going saga of Harry and Megs

They are not going to give interviews with certain newspapers – why?

What is so important that they make this information necessary for us to listen to and digest when the current situation is about a pandemic?

I cannot understand the mind set of Harry – brought up a Royal with the standard shown by his mother, and years of service in the armed forces. Surely he must see the sense of duty of his position and what has been expected  for his future.

They say love is blind and…perhaps Harry is blind to his duty.

But is he going to be an American or a stateless person of the world, trying to solve the world’s problems. It is time he understood his position and that he is not the be-all-and-end-all with powers to change today’s sickness.

A quiet tongue and a sense of loyalty and most of all doing one’s duty. Again, surely he will follow in the footsteps of his ancestors.

Why is it everyone has an opinion on if Harry is trying to ruin himself or his Royal family. If you remember it was only a few months ago in an interview, he discussed his feelings and the effects of his mother’s death.

Many medical people at the time thought he was going through a cathartic time when he tried to alleviate his guilt and his condemnation of the press. Now that he has married he seems to associate the press coverage of his wife with the attention given to his mother – was it the press chase through the tunnel that led to her death…?

We know that alcohol led to her death, and the delays by the French to rush her to the hospital in time combined to cause her demise. But Harry wants to protect his new wife, and we should all give him the time needed to discover his and his wife’s future – give them a fair go!

by Helena Bryanlith


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