The Minogues V The Osbournes

Kylie Minogue is pissed off with the Osbournes and is going to stick up for her sister, Dannii.

Kylie is the ultimate professional and usually keeps her thoughts to herself but she feels that Sharon Osbourne has gone too far this time.

There was a bit of an arguement between Sharon and Dannii Minogue on Britain’s X Factor. Sharon’s daughter Kelly Osbourne, who looks like she’s swallowed a pencil and looks closely related to David Coulthard, has branded our Dannii a ‘Devil’, on Twitter.

Kylie is going to defend her family and said, “If there’s going to be any fuss, let’s make it a new one. Let’s have a new X Factor drama…Bring it on”.

Anyway, I really don’t know why Sharon and Kelly Osbourne are on television. They’re both famous because of Ozzie. Ozzie’s great. He doesn’t get into any media fuelled arguements, he just does his music and potters about. He’s made some great music and the legacy of it will probably last forever. I actually feel quite sorry for him. Jack Osbourne looks like he’s turned out great, but the two women don’t seem to be very nice people at all.

Sharon goes around having plastic surgery, and Kelly walks around…well…just being ugly…I can’t think what else they do. Oh yeah, Kelly’s good at doing an English and American accent at the same time.

So here’s a message to the Osbournes, leave our Aussie girls alone, they have more talent in there little fingers than you’ll ever have.

Also, it doesn’t matter how much weight you lose, Kelly, and it doesn’t matter how much surgery you have, Sharon, you’ll never ever look as good as the Minogue sisters.

by Milo Johnson


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