The hunt is on

Seventy years ago the search began for the leading lady to star in, ‘Gone With The Wind’. Now in Hollywood the search is on for the leading lady to star in, ‘Shades of Grey’, based on the best-selling novel by E.L. James.

As with GWTW the male lead was a certainty for Clark Gable. It is also easy to pick the male lead (Christian Grey) in Shades of Grey.

A young Sean Connery…sexy, with strong body is what you’re looking for. It is a lay down for Gerard Butler. But a female leading actress is much harder to select. It could take months, even a couple of years before the right lady has been picked and ready for her first take.

Ana is the character in the film, and she is in her early twenties…which will be very difficult to pick. America has many beautiful and talented actresses but nearly all are old for the part.

Fifty years ago Jane Fonda and Lauren Bacall, and later Sigourney Weaver and Glenn Close were the hottest choice in movies. Today the best girls are over forty. They are still beautiful and great actresses, but the hunt is on for a new Vivien Leigh.

In the UK, Sienna Miller, Emily Blunt and Oscar winner Kate Winslet (who is used to losing her clothes) are front runners.

France has a number of gorgeous ladies and Spanish speaking girls look hot.

Salma Hayek, Penelope Cruz and Jennifer Lopez ooze class…but are they too old?

America has Oscar winners and beauty combined with Reece Witherspoon, Halle Berry, Cameron Diaz and Christina Applegate, who are stunning…but are they also too old?

No, if we are going to cast Ana in the leading role it can only be an Australian actress. The best in the world is Kate Blanchett…but I accept that casting the Queen of England as Ana is perhaps chancing your luck.

Toni Collette is sexy, lovely looking, a good actress and very capable of playing the lead. But just as Gerard is a must for Christian Grey…Nicole Kidman is a must for Ana.

Tall, willowy, sexy, clear complexion, Oscar winner and she can play a girl from fifteen to fifty.

I will pass on my recommendations to the producers and I will send on your selections with mine.

So use the comments section to add you favourite actress and actor.

 by Helena Bryanlith


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