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Tamara Ecclestone – she’s a spoilt little shit

Tamara Ecclestone shows the world what a spoilt shit she really is by lying naked surrounded by some of her money.

The model stripped off to pose for iconic photographer Tyler Shields in a series of snaps that ooze filthy rich.

As well as writhing around on a bed laden with £1million, the 27-year-old also alludes to her own wealth by pretending to iron the wad of cash…even though…and I’ll hazard a guess at this… she’s probably never ironed in her life.

In another scene at her $100m mansion, she pretends to fry an egg while a pair of expensive Christian Laboutin heels decorate the kitchen surface.

She later steps out on to the streets of London while wearing her designer footwear, sweeping the pavements in the middle of the night while dressed up to the nines.

Sheilds’ agent revealed, ‘Tyler asked if she could get hold of £1million and she said she already had it lying around. So he got her to lie in it naked.’

Tamara posed for the provocative shoot to coincide with the launch of her new reality series Billion $$$ Girl.

She hopes the programme will show the ‘real her’, rather than the public’s perception of her just being the daughter of Formula One CEO Bernie Ecclestone.

She said, ‘I enjoyed shooting with Tyler as he is so creative and this shoot was so different to anything I have ever done.

‘In my new TV show I am trying to come across as Tamara, rather than Bernie’s daughter, and I believe the shoot with Tyler will make me be seen in that way.’

Despite launching her own show, Tamara is already an avid fan of reality TV, religiously tweeting about X Factor since it started.

On Saturday, she even blamed Frankie Cocozza’s skin-tight trousers for affecting his voice.

After declaring her love for Johnny Robinson and Misha B, she wrote, ‘Frankie doesn’t have an amazing voice either I agree with the bottom 2. Maybe the skinny jeans affected his voice.’

Shields is the hottest photographer across the Atlantic at the moment, having shot Lindsay Lohan, Heather Morris from Glee and Mischa Barton.

The photographs will go on display at Imitate Modern from October 13- November 13.

by Debbie Dot

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