Skint Fergie keeps spending

A supposedly skint Sarah Ferguson has been snapped shopping at Hermés on the luxury Caribean island of St Barts…shortly before jetting to Verbier.

In her defence, a spokesperson said she had reduced her debts from $8 million to $200,000.

The spokesperson added, “But her problem is her generosity and the fact she thinks it’s normal and acceptable to jump on  planes the way the rest of us use taxis.”

Actually she doesn’t think that at all. She just knows from past experience she can do and buy whatever the hell she likes because no matter how much her debts spiral, there’ll always be some gullible mug to help pick up the tab.

A mug who believes in sob stories that her greed, her profligacy and her vulgarity are all the Royal family’s fault because they threw here out on her ear.

And while Fergie may well be a royal outcast, it still doesn’t give her the right to swan around the world first class buying what she likes with money she hasn’t got.

by Robbo Green



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