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Shitney Spears accused of drug abuse

Sam Lufti’s lawyer Joseph Schleimer accused Britney Spears of abusing amphetamines in court.

The songstress’ former manager has sued the pop princess and her parents for defamation and breach of contract.

The trial commenced and it was reported that Sam’s team came out swinging.

Apparently Sam’s counsel believes that his and Britney’s relationship turned sour due to the star’s alleged drug use.

“She liked to use amphetamines,” Joseph claimed in court.

“Most everything that went wrong was because of this drug.”

In 2007 Britney shaved her hair off in a public meltdown.

Joseph asserted that the star decided to go bald to prevent drug testing.

She was convinced authorities would find remnants of the drug in her hair follicles and she would lose custody of her children as a result.
Joseph also claimed that his client Sam hired a drug-sniffing dog one day to expunge drugs from Britney’s home. The hired pooch reportedly unearthed a bag filled with crystal meth.

Joseph stated that Sam did everything he could to help the troubled singer.

Britney’s team has not yet given their side of the story.

BUT…see Ozzie News story from last year, by Wallace McTavish:

Britney bans drugs and booze

April 26, 2011

Dancers working with Britney Spears are being made to sign a contract promising they will not drink or take drugs.

The six page document has been drawn up so that the cleaned up singer, currently filming a video for her new single Till The World Ends, won’t be tempted one more time.

It says Britney, 29, must “not be exposed to any alcohol or drugs”.

Dancers must also sign a $500,000 confidentiality agreement.

She’s just a leach on society…talentless and, well, we don’t call her Shitney for nothing.

by Lorelle Heath


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