Shane Warnes texts to Adele Angeleri

Read all of Shane Warne’s texts to Adele Angeleri.

But if you’ve had something to eat…may I advise that you give yourself about forty minutes before you read this:

Morning Adele its Shane, hope you had a good night..Will put a call in again today and see what I can do for you..X

My pleasure Adele..I am on my way to the office now..Will let you know..Have a good day..X

Thank you..But what if I can’t do anything for you, re commercially..x

Sure? Well I have to come up with a way to say thank you..x

You at shop today?..X

Hope my last message you didn’t interpret the wrong way? X

Is that good mmmm? Or bad mmmm? At computer now trying to see if your across rd in shop? Xxx

Good mmmm, I like that, had some thoughts yesterday when I left..mmmm looks like your busy in there today..your looking very hot I must say xxx

Hahaha..Am trying but trying to get sneaky peaks of you !!! hahaha .. Any more good mmmmm Xxxx

Trying to see you !!! Hahaha you’ve disappeared xxx

Ps thought you were waving at me ..Xxx

Bored in office here !!! Dying for a reply from you re naughty!!! Sorry to disturb your work..Mmmmm xx

Not bad, suppose I will have to accept that, patience is not one of my best strengths !!! Haha if it gets quiet please reply ..Xxx

I think you work too hard !!! Gone to some boring meetings…have a good day…Xxx

Morning..hope you had a good night, where did you disappear to?? Hahaha have a great day ..Xxx

Not sure beautiful, will let you know…. Thinking about kissing you and if your lips are really soft ! x

Ps still hanging for an answer!!! Mmmmm xx

Ps are you married ?? Boyfriend ?? or is that too personal ?? Mmmmmm xx

Hahaha..ok Adele..Where do you live?? X

Very quiet ??? XX not interested? Or exited at the possibility ? Xxx

Mmmmm, so I should drop my thoughts immediately ??? Even though I’m dying to kiss you ?? Xxx

Mmmmmmm ok Adele !!!! have a nice day! x

Done now, was a 15min thing..Sorry I expressed how I felt, and what I would like to do with you.. I will drop it now as your not interested, sorry!! Hope I didn’t offend Adele..Will drop in next week, thank you x

Phew, but not interested !!! X

Nice to chat, so want to kiss you xxx

Hello, any thoughts ? X

Morning,,off to gym me.. Thinking of you..Have a good day..Xxx

No reply ? busy morning? X

Still nothing !!! mmmmm x

Come on !! Give me a little x

Try a little x

I’m on my way to crown now for a poker tournament wish I could kiss you.. you would look hot in gym gear! X

Ps how was function/meeting today !!! want to kiss you xxx

Out the front of shop! X

Ps I might pop into office today around 11 for an hour ?? are you free xx

Hey stranger flying back to Aust tonight, hope all good your end, and looking forward to seeing you when I get back .. big Kiss .. Xxx

It’s all ok A..Not being nasty or anything all will be great …Maid in mid jan…deal???x

Rehearsing for my show then shooting following day … such a shame x

Ok Adele understand..sorry it didn’t happen safe Ps I’m in melb for 2 days from Monday then not back till Xmas eve so will have to unfortunately wait till mid jan .. such a shame .. Big kiss x

Ps text James re dinner and he said was running late he said no worries. Very worried now..Tried calling X

??? What’s happened??

On air finishing in 5mins be back in 10..everything ok?? X

If your going to stay let me know as I have a dinner with James packer that I’ve pushed back but can make it earlier then meet you xxx

Morning..Hope you had some filthy naughty dreams!!! What’s your plan in next few hours? X

Want you xxx

Morning ms sexy .. Thinking of you lots and how naughty I would like to be with you !!! Have a great day! Xxx

Morning .. Was thinking naughty thoughts about you and wanted to say hi Xxx

Tried calling beautiful .. Where have you gone?You ok??? X

So..its later !!!X

Morning .. Thinking of you, and yes very very horny today thinking of you !!! Big Kiss xx

Morning work up thinking naughty things about you !! xx

Well, there you have it. Shane Warne at his most sickly, and at his most dyslexic.

But you can’t fault his effort.


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