See you in 4 years, Paris

PARIS HILTON’s claim that she did not own the purse in which cocaine was found on the night of her drug arrest could be blown apart – by a picture on Twitter.

The 29-year-old socialite told cops the bag from which the drug tumbled as she was quizzed by Las Vegas officers was borrowed from a friend.

She also claimed that it was not CLASSY enough to be hers.

Yet in July – just over a month before she was stopped in Sin City with boyfriend CY WAITS, 34 – Paris posted a picture of a similar-looking Chanel purse on Twitter.

Alongside the photograph the social networking fan had entered the gushing message: “Love My New Chanel Purse I Got Today”

The purse looks like the one the blonde was seen clutching before her Vegas arrest last weekend.

Police claim it doesn’t matter if Paris does not own the purse as the drugs were in her possession.

But a top Vegas lawyer said the Twitter snap may still play a role. He said: “It’s pretty strong evidence for the prosecution.”

Paris was held in the early hours of Saturday after officers smelled what they thought was marijuana wafting from her car.

When the coke fell out, she told cops she’d borrowed the purse and thought the pack was chewing gum.

The heiress was arrested “for possession of a controlled substance cocaine” and later charged. The police report showed cops found 0.8 grams. She could face up to four years in jail if convicted.

But Paris’s lawyer has suggested she may have been illegally searched. It has also been claimed police did not conduct a blood test, which could help her defence.

Paris has protested her innocence on Twitter, tweeting: “I know the truth.” Charges were dropped this summer after the star was held on suspicion of smoking cannabis at the World Cup.

That drug was later found in her handbag, but the amount was too small to prosecute.


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