Salma Hayek’s boobs get all the attention

Oliver Stone can’t leave Salma Hayek’s fine titties alone…and who can blame him.

The actress’s breasts had a magnetic effect at the premiere of her new movie Savages in London a few nights ago.

The stunning star, 46, spilled out of a skintight red and blue dress on the red carpet – and 66-year-old Stone seemed determined to help her keep her assets contained.

The director’s films have earned him four Golden Globes – and he almost got his hands on another two.

Salma – who plays a drug cartel boss in Savages – was a good sport and laughed off Oliver’s wandering hands.

But Sun-Jung Jung, his wife of 15-years, might not be so impressed when she sees these incriminating snaps.

He won’t be the first man to be mesmerised by Salma’s hourglass figure.

The actress is famous for her spectacular curves – but she hasn’t always been so busty.

She once revealed how she was so flat-chested as a teen, she visited a saint to pray for big boobs.

Salma Hayek told talk show host David Letterman: “At school, all my girlfriends started developing breasts and I was flat as a board.

“Nothing was happening to me.

“I felt so out of place and i was miserable.

“Then one time I took a road trip with my mum and we went to this church that had this saint that was supposed to do a lot of miracles

“I went in and I put my hands in holy water and i said, ‘Please God, give me some breasts’.

“And he gave me them.”

No shit, Salma.

by Harry Harper


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