Russell Brand verbally attacks heckler

Russell Brand bombarded a heckler with furious insults at a stand-up gig in the US.

The Brit funnyman lost his cool with a male audience member who repeatedly shouted out the name of his ex-wife Katy Perry at his show in New Jersey on Saturday.

Sick of the interruptions, Russell asked for the house lights to be switched on so he could identify the assailant.

People sitting near the guilty party helped Russ out by pointing at him, prompting the comedian to launch into a scathing rant.

He proceeded to attack the man’s appearance and claimed he was suffering from a mental illness.

Russ said: “I wanna see what this person looks like. Turn the lights on for me because I want to achieve some sort of confirmation.

“Who’s the person who keeps shouting that? Come here, let’s see ya.

“Let’s see how your mental illness looks in the daylight. It’s you, is it? Oh dear.

“I was hoping that your personality was as a result of physical beauty, then I saw you.

“I thought this guy’s confident probably because he’s incredibly pretty, but look at you.

“You look like someone that’s fallen off the outside of a church!

“And what is it that you have rattling inside of your mind? Some bizarre combination of alcohol and idiocy… and yet the confidence to continue shouting!”

Raging Russ continued to berate the offending heckler, and a fellow member of the crowd told a mag: “He went on to attack everything from how good he thought the guy would be in bed to accusing him of being impotent.

“It must have been humiliating for the guy; it seemed to go on forever.

“Eventually he pulled it together and got back on the stage, and being Russell, he told the guy he’d just torn apart that he loved him.”

Russell and Katy married in India in October 2010 but filed for divorce last December.

by Lorelle Heath


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