Russell Brand is Simpsonised

Russell Brand is looking a bit yellow.

But Katy Perry needn’t reach for the aspirin…her comic hubby has been Simpsonised.

The Brit comic is the latest in a long line of celebs to get the yellow makeover for an appearance in The Simpson’s.

And his character will appear in a star-studded episode called Angry Dad: The Movie, along with Halle Berry, Curb Your Enthusiasm actor JB Smoove and Wallace and Gromit creator Nick Park.

Ricky Gervais, who fell for Marge in a previous episode based on Wife Swap, will voice his character for the show once again.

Last summer, I revealed Russell had landed the part in the long-running cartoon.

He told me: “It’s true I’m going to be in The Simpsons. I was having an amazing birthday party and found out I was going into space. Then my agent says, ‘Oh, The Simpsons want you in an episode.’

“Once you’ve gone yellow, you’ve made it.

“My ideal show would be where I have a cartoon relapse with Barney and Homer and get smashed out of my mind with them.”

He may not have got his wish but at least he got to share screentime with the gorgeous Halle Berry.

Even if it is only in cartoon form.

by Milo Johnson


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