Rooney’s vice girl has 4-some with Manchester United team mate

The hooker who was famously paid by Wayne Rooney for a threesome has told how a Manchester United team mate out-scored him with a sordid foursome.

Vice girl Helen Wood revealed the player’s shame just days after she became the centre of a controversial super-injunction banning the unmasking of another celeb punter…a big name married actor.

In a sensational interview, Helen, 24, detailed every one of her catalogue of celebrity clients…including four Premier League players, three high profile actors, a judge, a politician, a senior cop, a pilot and a visiting foreign dignitary.

She told how she first met Rooney’s Old Trafford buddy through a friend and was invited to an orgy at his home…the first of five sleazy fixtures.

“It was always a foursome with the player, his aide and two of us girls,” said Helen. “We’d go to his house on a Thursday and be taken to a room on the top floor. There’s always be some cheesy music playing and we’d start off having sex with the two guys.

“But then things would get really weird between the men. Sometimes we wondered if we really needed to be there. But we were always asked back. The player never discussed money with us. There’d be $2000 in the bathroom cabinet to split between us.

“I went to the house three times, and had sex with the guys twice at the Lowry Hotel in Manchester. The money was good but the player was arrogant and rude. Some rich clients are easy money but this one made you work for it.”

Helen was with her friend Jenny Thompson (who’s also a prostitiue) at a Manchester United after-match party.

“My regular player was there too and saw me and Jenny exchange numbers with Wayne,” Helen said. “He was furious. But I’d never have let on to Wayne that I knew his team-mate.

“Anyway, I just kept talking to Rooney and his brother John, who were great company. Later on I went to the Lowry with Jenny to meet my regular guy and you could tell he was angry we’d chatted to Wayne.

“We were in the room six minutes while the two men had sex with us and then they kicked us out…I never met them again after that.”

Helen’s revelations about United stars will stun their fiery boss Sir Alex Ferguson who’s actually met Helen and commented on her dress.

Single mum Helen told how mounting debts pushed her into prostitution because she was desperate for money for the sake of her young son.

Helen revealed that Wayne Rooney was really warm and not like his arrogant team-mate. “Wayne doesn’t play the big millionaire, he’s very relaxed. After he’d had sex with me and Jenny you could tell he regretted it. From my experience I know regular cheaters and he wasn’t one of them. You could tell from his face he was sorry for what he’s done.”

One of the few times Helen considered blowing the whistle on a client was when she witnessed an airline pilot snorting cocaine hours before he was due to fly.

“This guy regularly booked me to visit him at the Radisson Hotel near Manchester Airport,” she said. “He’d always bring this Spanish stewardess, make us strip to our underwear and order us to watch as he hoovered up grammes and grammes of coke. Then he’d just sit and glare at us. He had absolutely no interest in sex, although I don’t think he could’ve performed anyway.”

Helen didn’t go to the police, but in the end a cop came to her…for sex. “He was the worst…absolutely awful,” she said. “He just wanted to dominate and humiliate girls. He was big, strong and trouble. He’d push you to the floor and pull and pull your arms behind your back trying to restrain you. He was very violent and enjoyed it. He’d get you to put a belt around his neck and choke him until he could take no more…and when it was all over he spit at you…he was truly disgusting.”

by Debbie Dot



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