Rod’s daughter is having a baby after fling with Benecio Del Toro

Rod Stewart is going to be a grand-dad because his daughter Kimberley Stewart is having a baby after a fling with Benecio Del Toro.

Kimberley is adamant  she’s not in a relationship with Del Toro and isn’t likely to be.

This is the same Kimberley who’s never had a real job, who’s been linked with a whole host of unsuitable men, who lives of an allowance from Daddy, who’s apparently thrilled he’s going to be a grandad as the baby will be a playmate for his two month old son.

Now if Kimberly was living in not such a desirable part of the world, in a working class area, and her 66 year old dad had eight kids from three wives she’d be branded an idle scrounger…not to mention a bit of a ‘yo-yo knickers’ who, and we must be fair, has followed in her dad’s footsteps…but not in a good way.

But set the story in Hollywood, throw a bit of stardust at it, and all of a sudden…everything is just lovely.

by Milo Johnson


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