Robin Gibb in hospital with liver cancer

Robin Gibb, aged 61, was told the sad news that he has liver cancer several months ago, and has since cancelled several public appearances.

He was rushed to hospital this week following a call for the emergency services from his home.

He spent five hours in hospital on Tuesday before being allowed back home, where he was joined by his mother Barbara, 91, and his older brother Barry.

Barry has flown in from the US to be with his sibling.

It has been no secret that Robin has become frail over the last few months. He was treated for inflammation of the colon in October after being taken by ambulance to John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford. He was discharged after four days, but said to be in severe pain. Robin lives with his wife Dwina.

‘Robin is not good and there is a lot of concern for him,’ a friend has said.

‘You can use your wealth to call in the best experts but sometimes no amount of fame, prestige and money can change things when it comes to cancer. But Robin is a strong character, he is a fighter and has been encouraged by all the online messages from his fans,’ they continued.

‘Dwina is doing everything ­possible and hasn’t left his side.’

Dwina is reportedly trying to persuade Robin to visit a Native American medicine man.
‘This incredible Indian tribe introduced Robin and I to something called Spider Medicine that ­apparently contains properties that can help you get well from certain untreatable ­illnesses,’ said the druid priestess.

‘There will be difficult times ahead but Robin will never give up and his loving family will make sure he has everything he needs. There is ­frustration because Robin has always looked after himself. He doesn’t drink, eats well and exercises daily,’ the friend added.

Robin spoke in an interview with new Sky Arts show Living The Life, broadcast tonight, about his inability to accept the death of his twin brother Maurice. He described Maurice’s death at 53 as ‘something I haven’t accepted’, adding: ‘I just imagine he is out there somewhere and I will bump into him one day.’

The Bee Gees disbanded after Maurice’s death, having sold 200million records worldwide with hits such as Night Fever and Stayin’ Alive.

Robin’s younger brother Andy died in 1988 aged 30 after struggling with a cocaine addiction.

‘It is incredibly sad for Barbara. First she lost her son Andy, then Maurice and now she has to cope with seeing Robin like this,’ said a friend.

‘It is a lot for a mother, particular of her age, to deal with. Barry has also been there for his brother and a lot of friends have been rallying round.’

The star cancelled a US tour in April due to extreme stomach pain. He had part of his intestine removed in an emergency procedure last year, after suffering blockage similar to that which killed his brother Maurice.

Robin was quick to squash claims last month that his condition was worsening, saying: ‘I’m feeling great, absolutely great. I’m working on the Titanic Requiem at the ­moment and it’s going really well.’

by Milo Johnson


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