Rihanna is way sexier than a super-model

Rihanna looked amazing as she performed on the Victoria’s Secret catwalk but it looks like she had some model envy.

The singer couldn’t resist showing off her own model credentials after performing in New York.

Rihanna, 24, removed her clothes and took off her bra as she kicked back in her dressing room and posed seductively for a photograph.

The singer had clearly taken some inspiration from the Victoria’s Secret models, but her interpretation was a little on the raunchy side.

Rihanna left on her black boots, suspenders and stockings as she turned away from the camera and covered her modesty with her arms.

The Diamonds singer blew smoke out of her mouth as she lay with her eyes closed fresh from her stage performance, puffing on a roll up.

Rihanna may not be one of the world famous Angels, but she almost fitted in perfectly with them when she sang during the annual fashion show.

Wearing a revealing black corset gown that was cut to the thigh and showed off her suspenders, the artist burst onto the runway to sing her new songs, Diamonds and Fresh Off The Runway.

She matched her raunchy gown with long lace gloves, boots, a five-tier pearl choker and pearl rimmed sunglasses.

Rihanna also wore a pink lace outfit that gave a near unobstructed view of her toned legs as she performed a second track.

Showing her cheeky side, the singer reached out and stroked a model’s hips as she sashayed past her on the runway.

Justin Beiber and Bruno Mars also appeared at the show alongside A list Angels Miranda Kerr, Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima.

by Lorelle Heath


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